I’m Working Up the Courage

What activity are you still working up the courage to try? What do you want to do but you’re scared to do it?

Well this answer should bore the socks right off your feet. I’m working up the courage to try retirement.

The psychic told me I’d better think up something interesting to occupy my time when it happens or I will be one bummed out cranky whiner. I wonder how she knew that? Did I drop a few clues?

It feels like I’ve been working forever and I don’t know how to stop. I’m rather fond of my paycheque. I might become a recluse and start collecting cats. I don’t really like to travel. I will have nothing to talk about and nobody to talk to.

Except W. of course, although after all this time I’m afraid we’ve pretty much said everything there is to say to eachother. I suppose that’s why old people lose their hearing and their memories, so that every day there’s bound to be something new to discuss and misinterpret and get all cranky and whiny about.

We’re leaving for a holiday at the end of the week, so this might be a good time for a trial run – a dress rehearsal for the real thing. The other night we went out for dinner and started talking about our September trip to the Atlantic Provinces two years ago. We were trying to remember the name of the place in New Brunswick where we walked along the shore when the tide was out and there were great tall weird shaped rocks everywhere. I’m not kidding, it took us almost the entire meal to decide that it was “Ho” something Rocks. W. kept tacking on endings to the “ho” part and I kept telling him he wasn’t right. Finally I got out my i-phone and looked it up to put both of us out of our misery. Hopewell Rocks. I HOPE we will now remember it WELL. And that I don’t have to start carrying a notebook around with me in case I forget my own name and where I live.

This holiday is a chance for me to finally try water color painting too. I’ve printed off pages and pages of free tutorials from a very helpful website and I have paints and paper and brushes all ready to go. I’ve always said I’d like to be able to stay home and paint pictures all day. Maybe this new medium will give me the jump start I need and the courage to just go ahead and do it.

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One thought on “I’m Working Up the Courage

  1. Retirement is a hoot! How on earth I managed to live before I retired I shall never know. It is such fun.
    i can understand your worries but there really is nothing to worry about.
    Take up your painting. Itried it a few years ago and found that I could do it quite well.
    Sometimes retired people do find it difficult to be with one person all the time but you can always join clubs and go on outings.
    Its a pity that you do not enjoy travel as this would be a great opportunity to explore the world


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