Art I Appreciate

Kid's art is my favourite. They draw what they see mixed with what they think

and there is always a great story behind the finished product.

This is a sign my son asked my grandson to make to remind his younger siblings to put away their shoes. The little ones can't read so he's added pictures, including the face of his dad when things are done properly and the face that he makes when they're not.

The message is: there will be NO FUN until the shoes are put away. And my son learned from this work of art that he's past due for a shave and a haircut. Hard not to appreciate something subtle like that.

I guess I appreciate any kind of art that says something to me, or at least tries. Graffiti, scribbling, doodles, play dough sculptures – there's beauty in all those things.

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One thought on “Art I Appreciate

  1. There’s the truth….children always manage to say what they are feeling.

    When children have been abused or in a disturbed state they are always asked to draw and its suprising what you can find out in a picture


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