So What Did You Expect?

Are there any book or movie genres that you were surprised to like?

I’m constantly surprised by everything, so yeah, probably. For example, I’ve been married to W for almost 40 years and he continues to baffle me daily.

Who gets to sort everything into different genres, anyway? Sometimes I find horror movies hilariously funny. Sometimes I have to turn them off because they’re so terrifyingly repulsive. I’ve read some brilliant science fiction and some pretty outrageous fantasy crap. There is good historical fiction and there is boring drivel. Either way I’m surprised to like it and just about as surprised when I don’t.

So it’s not surprising that I have no idea how to answer this question, being that I rarely have my mind made solidly up about anything and thus my expectations are generally all over the place.

You could call that having an open mind or you could call it having an empty head. Call it whatever you like. Surprise me.

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Death By Chicken

This picture has nothing at all to do with death by chicken, but I’m so proud of myself for catching the front end of a train going by, that I had to post it.  We were walking down to the landing, having just crossed the tracks about 2 minutes ago, narrowly avoiding death by freight train.

Getting you back in the loop…(and by LOOP I mean that hamster treadmill thing that goes around in circles but never gets you anywhere new) :  We are back from Camp Erika after a lovely relaxing holiday with too much together time entirely for W and me (!!) and not nearly enough with Ann and Murray, but, as always, promises to do it all again soon and for longer and when the weather is a bit more cooperative, although really it was the end of September so a bit of cold and rain should not have been all that surprising.  Then on the way home we hit temperatures of over 30 C. 

The Main Reason for this blog….The drive to and from Kenora is long and flat.  In more ways than one.  So in a brief period of semi-consciousness (did I ever tell you I can sleep with my eyes open?) I looked at some OMG facts on OMG facts on my I-Phone.  And one of the facts was that farmers feed chickens aresenic to  make them fat faster, and that a person around 154 pounds should consume only 2 oz. of chicken per day or risk arsenic poisoning.  What they did not explain is how come the chickens don’t die of it, but perhaps they’re merely in the final throes of the arsenic poisoned condition when they get shipped off to market wishing they were dead.  So I was mentally calculating all the chicken I’d consumed – chicken salad sandwich from Tim Hortons,  some kind of chicken ranch thing at Perkins, bbq chicken (at camp), roasted chicken at Barb T’s, a chicken club at Casey’s, Swiss Chalet when we got home,  some kind of spicy garlic shaved chicken lunch meat…or maybe it was turkey, and perhaps turkeys don’t eat arsenic.  Or they eat huge quantities of it and that’s why its only safe to eat them on stat holidays.

So, death by chicken, or chicken out?  These and other mind boggling stories still to come.  Stay tuned.