So What Did You Expect?

Are there any book or movie genres that you were surprised to like?

I’m constantly surprised by everything, so yeah, probably. For example, I’ve been married to W for almost 40 years and he continues to baffle me daily.

Who gets to sort everything into different genres, anyway? Sometimes I find horror movies hilariously funny. Sometimes I have to turn them off because they’re so terrifyingly repulsive. I’ve read some brilliant science fiction and some pretty outrageous fantasy crap. There is good historical fiction and there is boring drivel. Either way I’m surprised to like it and just about as surprised when I don’t.

So it’s not surprising that I have no idea how to answer this question, being that I rarely have my mind made solidly up about anything and thus my expectations are generally all over the place.

You could call that having an open mind or you could call it having an empty head. Call it whatever you like. Surprise me.

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