One Sentence Per Year – 1972 – 1982

1972 – We fall in love with Dryden where we live in Mrs. Groening’s basement suite,  I work at Ella Lynn’s,  we ride our ten speed bikes all over town, and my Aunt Marguerite keeps us from starving to death and I don’t think we ever thanked her enough for that.

1973 – Back to school in Guelph for W so I go to work at the university book store:  I throw away my BC pills because they give me severe headaches, and use a diaphram instead, and we hope that it will work just as well, but oh well, what can you do – it doesn’t.

1974 – Our beautiful daughter is born in the middle of her dads final exams;  every work day morning dropping her off with her babysitter (no matter how loving) is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

1975 – The Northwest Territories is where the work is, so that’s where we go next, carrying one baby in our arms with another one on the way,  into the snow and the cold and the dark and the isolation and after awhile we wonder how we ever could have thought it would be easy.

1976 – Our handsome son is born in a nursing station in the middle of nowhere, delivered by a midwife;  his eighteen month old sister names him Tookie and our family is complete.

1977 – This is the year I tried to be a teacher in frozen Cambridge Bay, but resigned before the year was up, and now we are moved to Inuvik, living in a rowhouse, in close proximity to utilidors and sidewalks made from boards, to dogteams and to cackling ravens and the delta and the mud.

1978 – Playschool treasurer, enumerator and election clerk, right fielder for the Snow Birds, mom extraordinaire:  I am woman, hear me roar.

1979 – I own a Volkswagen Beetle and we host and attend a lot of parties, but these two things are not necessarily related.

1980 – We take our poor unhappy daughter out of grade one where she is not big enough to contend with racial discrimination from a miserable teacher and go the homeschool route instead.

1981 – Another move, this time to the north of nowhere, picturesque Pond Inlet with it’s iceburgs and big scary ocean and random white people having various kinds of breakdowns.

1982 – There are people in my life that I love and will cherish the memories of forever – Jack and Karen, Chris and Dot, Peter and Nora, Big Jack Labine:  it’s the year we all learn how to ski at Grayrocks and have the strangest “garage” sale EVER.

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