One Sentence Per Year 1983 – 1993

1983 – It’s a long walk from Bromley Drive to Mildred Hall, and an even longer one to the high rise and YK Drugmart, but Rainbow Valley would really be pushing it so I don’t know what goes on way over there.

1984 – I’m up here, so I might as well work for “Up Here”;  up here “Up Here” is one of the best things going on up here.

1985 – Dave and Denise, Doug and Dan, Sam and Agnes, Gary and Rosalin, Big White, Marmot Basin, Susan and Jennifer and Sonny Boy;  magic is everywhere.

1986 – My children are twelve and ten and because of them we are past due leaving the north behind, but it’s been a slice.

1987 – Nothing much at all is what I know about life in the suburbs, driving in the city, collecting unemployment and keeping my children safe, but I’m determined to learn it all.

1988 – Springwood Business Centre and Franklins Inn help us keep our heads above water paying for a house and vehicles and food and taxes and take out pizza, because man, it’s been a long time doing without that.

1989 – Going from one bankrupt company to another gets me thinking that perhaps being born on a Friday the 13th has it’s repercussions, never mind how long they take to rear their ugly heads,  but then there’s ophthalmology and everything related to it and soon I’ll be able to see more clearly.

1990 –  I am an ophthalmic assistant as far as I’m concerned but a glorified receptionist in the eyes of the office manager from hell.

1991 – I  have a seventeen year old daughter and a fifteen year old son and a husband who goes to the office!

1992 – What the hell happened in 1992?

1993 – Another decade bites the dust – thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world:  a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream, a flash of lightning in a summer cloud, a flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream (thank you Buddha because I was running out of shit to say).

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