My Middle Name

I already answered this one. But since Plinky doesn’t appear to remember what I said about it, allow me to repeat myself. Like that’s never happened before.

My middle name is Mae, and no, I don’t like it much. I wasn’t named after a ‘what’, unless you count my birth month, and my mother could have been on a roll with that since I have siblings born in April and June, but I don’t think naming her children after months of the year ever crossed her mind. Or if it did, she only did it once, purposely misspelled it and promptly got over the urge to try that again. Otherwise I might have a younger sister called November.

I’d like to point out that all new mothers are in varying states of delerium, and unless they’ve totally made up their minds on a sane name before the birth of their child, pretty much anything can happen. That’s why there are Zabaletas and Quaashies running around out there with mothers who don’t have a clue why those names sounded like good ideas to them within twenty four hours of giving birth.

Of course in the long run it doesn’t matter – a name is just a name. We have to refer to ourselves as something and since our parents gave us the gift of a name it’s best to just take it and say thank you, make the best of it and get over ourselves.

So, thanks mom. I think M is an awesome middle initial to have. And I COULD have been named after Mae West. Gawd knows I’ve ended up looking pretty much exactly like her……

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Tearjerker Books

Has a book ever brought me to tears? Only if I got hit over the head with it. But lots of PASSAGES in many books make me tear up.

That has to be balanced with laugh out loud moments, or I refuse to read the damned thing.

I seriously don’t understand why anyone would want to search out books and movies and television shows and newspaper articles that are geared to make them completely miserable and unhappy. I guess we all need a little bit of that in our day to make us appreciate the really good stuff. Or maybe when we see that there are other people in this world who are down and out it makes us feel better about our own situations.

Still, if the book makes me weep I’ll probably stop reading it. And I definitely won’t recommend it to anyone else. There’s enough doom and gloom in real life without dwelling on everyone else’s misfortunes, especially if they’re fictional.

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