What Makes Me Stand Out


To children I look very old;  compared to dirt I’m young.

I’m often shy and rarely bold and thus I bite my tongue.

With midgets I am rather tall;  with giants I appear quite small.

I’m thinner than an elephant and fatter than a dime.

When people are rushing madly about I want to take my time.

If no one is wearing a lab coat I am sure to stand out in mine.

I’m the woman in the check out line who can never find her card.

I do not like to travel and prefer my own backyard.

I like to stand out in the rain and never wear a hat

Risking catching my death of a cold because really, who does that?

In a Nutshell

My Personality in Five Words?


(Although, there you go, I just did.)

How Hard Can It Be?

Wandering Around In Dense Fog

Mysteries That Never Get Solved

Will Love Find A Way?

Everything Will Be Just Fine

Raking Leaves In The Wind

Theres No Place Like Home

What Are You Waiting For?

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