Just About Now



I think it’s about time for a ‘just now’ post.  Really.  It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to myself seriously.   So suddenly 11:52 p.m. seems like a good time for that.

Still have to finish that ‘one sentence per year’ of my life thing I’ve got going,  and I think I know a lot of stuff that happened but for the life of me I can’t get it sorted into the proper years.  So I guess I’ll just wing it.  Historical accuracy is certainly not one of my strong points.

Last night I had the weirdest dream….. about which thankfully I’ve completely forgotten the details… and today, which is the second day off of four in a row (be still my heart) I’ve finished reading two books.  It’s no wonder my dreams are odd and peculiar.  Because one also must take into account the whacked out movies I decide to watch.  One book was Alison Wonderland (by Helen Smith) (with a title like that how could it not be incredibly great) and the movie I watched the other day was The Exploding Girl.  In which, I am very disappointed to say, no girls actually exploded.  Now I’m reading A Modern Witch, Book 1 by Debora Geary.  It’s the Book 1 part that hooked me on that one.  I am a sucker for a series.

I also did laundry, including a lot of bedding, put in an arbonne order, paid my registered contact lens practitioner dues on line,  played a bit of angry birds on my phone, tried to like ‘cut the rope’ (but for some reason or other I don’t think it’s fun) and  made a crazy big salad and ate the whole thing.  Also answered the Plinky prompt.  And of course there were various other things I did which are even more boring than the things I’ve already mentioned.

It is Thanksgiving weekend.  The family was here last weekend for Kale’s tenth birthday, and this weekend Kenzie goes to her other grandmas so I’ve got the smallest turkey I’ve ever seen to cook for the two of us.  It’s more like an over-grown chicken.  I’m thinking maybe we’ll just skip the stuffing.  And I have no sweet potatoes (unless I get off my ass and pick some up tomorrow – the store is about two blocks away – and a pumpkin pie might be nice but I don’t have one of those either) and the cranberries are canned!  And if I skip the gravy W will probably cry.  Sigh.  I’m trying to stay on my low carb high protein plan but somehow the thanksgiving feast doesn’t qualify.  Unless I eat just turkey and brussels sprouts.   Yum.

And of course Hallowe’en is coming up!  Another ‘holiday’ from hell but the only candy I’ve got is twizzler red licorice and I think you might have to eat the entire box of mini packages to get any kind of a sugar high.  I’m just guessing and won’t be trying it to see if I’m right.

I left my coffee press at camp, so I went out yesterday and got another one for home.  Because I have a whole pound of coarse ground decaf starbucks coffee which I have to use up.  And W bought another deep fryer to replace the one we left at camp.  I think we both are just tired of moving things across the river and back.

There is some sad news in my life, but I don’t want to talk about it yet, because talking about it makes it real.  And it might not turn out to be as bad as all that.  Time will tell.  I love my brother.  Goodnight Irene.  And just because I’ve posted a picture of the exploding girl who didn’t explode doesn’t mean I’m telling you to watch it.  But you can if you like.


Musical Group

Name a musical artist or group that you'd enjoy performing with; any specific song you'd want to play? Would you sing or play an instrument?

I'm an Angry Birds fan! The theme music drives me NUTS! So I would like to join Pomplamoose in their youtube video.

ANGRY BIRDS theme!!! covered by Pomplamoose


The words are pretty easy, and I really really love that polka dot dress. But I'm also good at falling off chairs, so that role might also be a viable option.

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