Bungee Jumping or Skydiving?

Why don’t you just shoot me and get it over with? What have I done to deserve two such deadly alternatives?

Free falling from great heights is not my idea of a fabulous time. Obviously I haven’t done either one of these things, so how can I be so sure that I don’t want to try them?

I’ve jumped from high barn beams into hay lofts because my siblings were doing it and it looked like it SHOULD be fun. There was definitely a rush, but for me it came after the landing. Before and during the jumps there was nothing but stone cold fear. And if it felt so good to be safe, why not just stay that way in the first place?

I guess I was not a very adventurous child and I’m an even less adventurous adult. I’ve never understood the urge some people have to put themselves in mortal danger – climbing mountains, driving race cars, diving deep into the sea.

Perhaps I will die by choking on a safe looking peanut butter sandwich and my epitaph will read “She Never Took A Risk” (and died anyway.) Or maybe just ‘she never had any fun.’ Hmmph. I’m going to the kitchen now to use sharp knives and handle boiling water. Later I’m going to take a walk on some sidewalks which are close to roads which often sport TRAFFIC!

Danger is everywhere. Why go looking for it? It can find you on its own.

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