The Willow Is Green

Huh.  Here I am again, supposed to be tucked up in bed reading my kindle but I’m not.  Wouldn’t it be nice if I did this every night before turning in, summarizing my day with some sort of inspirational enlightening message, kind of like a Zen quote?  Just agree with me that it would be pleasing to read something like that, and don’t go expecting it to happen or anything.

I dearly love my days off, especially when I spend them at home doing relatively useless but nevertheless very time consuming things.  Today I sanded a wooden salt and pepper shaker shelf that I brought home from camp.  I got inspired while I was there, staring at it in all its tacky varnished glory.  The part that hangs on the wall is a flat circle, with a semi-circle shelf attached across its centre at right angles, and in the middle of this piece is a guy wearing a chefs hat and apron, also at right angles, so that he appears to be holding up the shelf.  Man, why didn’t I take a picture of it before I took it all apart?  I think all I’ve inspired here might be the beginnings of a migraine.

So, picture this guy glued to a round circle with a semi-circle shelf at his neck and his hand supporting it.  Seriously.  Who thinks these things up.

Anyway, this shelf was hanging close to the wood stove, and the salt and pepper shakers sitting on it were plastic which got too hot and became slightly more interesting mis-matched shapes.  We threw them out.  Once I get the wooden pieces all refinished and the chef painted and everything put back together again, I’ll go searching for some new shakers.  Maybe in the shape of mushrooms or cupcakes.   Or cows.  The sky’s the limit.  I have no idea what chefs carry around on trays but I’m thinking pizzas might be too flat and boring.

Well that is entirely enough fun for one day.  Tomorrow it’s back to the sweat shop.  Right now it’s kindle time.  What is the sound of one hand clapping? (Zen Koan).  In case you were still waiting for that Zen moment.

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