How to Change the World

Well here’s the thing about changing the world. It’s already been changed so drastically that it’s getting to the point where further thoughtless change could quite possibly destroy it. Sort of like when somebody has one too many plastic surgeries performed and passes that thin line between attractive and grotesque.

So could we just leave the world the hell alone for a bit and see what happens? Let it try to heal its wounds. For every miraculous change for the better man has made, he’s created half a dozen brand new problems that need to be solved. I think we should stop trying so hard to make things better.

We are a species addicted to change, mostly because we’re never satisfied with anything the way it is. If something goes fast, we want it to go faster. If we make some money doing something, we want to make more. We want the biggest and the best and the most, and we want to fight for it and we want to WIN.

We wish all this nonsense with oil and gas and non-renewable resources would stop, but we sure as hell don’t want to give up our oil burning gas guzzling cars. We want treatment and cures and band aid solutions, but we can’t seem to figure out the concept of prevention.

So just stop. Look around and appreciate what’s right there in front of you. Give the poor world a break and stop developing it to death. Put things on hold, look at the big picture. Be still. Breathe deep.

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There are all kinds of surprises. Love them or hate them, what can you do but accept them when they happen?

If someone thinks a planned surprise will make me happy, I wish they’d think again. Anticipation is half the fun. And not giving me some warning or some hints when something bad is likely to take me by surprise – that’s cruel. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s just ignorance. I like to be prepared for things, even if it’s only in my head.

Surprise me with your wit, or your compassion or your understanding. Amaze me with your talents. Blow me away, bowl me over.

But don’t sneak up behind me and scare me silly. My reaction might surprise you, but perhaps you won’t live long enough to tell anyone about it.

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