Grape Expectations

For some reason or other I cannot log in to the Plinky site, although I can get as far as reading their dumb prompt for the day, which is “How do you save money” and if I knew the answer to that one I suppose I’d have a whole whack of the stuff stashed away somehwere.  The only way you can save it is by not spending it, and if it doesn’t get spent, it’s essentially worthless.

I’d much rather write about what’s happening right now while what little money I have is wasting away in a bank somewhere.  Today my-daughter-in law is having surgery done on her jaw.  If everything goes well (and we’re of course hoping for no problems or complications) she will be home in a couple of days.  I flew up here yesterday to help out.  I’m hoping there will be no major problems or complications with that as well.

I asked my 10 year old grandson if he wanted me to walk him and his sister to the bus this morning.  He told me that would be kinda silly.  Then while they were getting their jackets and ski pants on he decided I could do it if I wanted to, just to keep them company.  (Not like it was necessary or anything.)  But if I really wanted to….  So off we went into the pre-dawn darkness with my tiny flashlight that really did nothing more than illuminate the falling snowflakes and cast eerie blue shadows onto the long winding laneway.  We could hear coyotes howling in the distance, but other than that it was perfectly quiet.  There was time to draw some pictures on the snowy ground and then the bus lumbered up, lights flashing.   I felt like I was part of a Pleasantville or a Courier and Ives scene, saying goodbye to them, waving good morning to the bus driver, and then making my lonely walk back to the house.  The smaller kids didn’t wake up for another half hour, and then it was time to start the breakfast thing for the second time around.

Now the two little ones are outside playing in the snow.  I’ve got a plan for tonight’s meal and I’m happy to say there’s no shortage of crock pots and food in this house.  I’ll pick the older kids up at school this afternoon and then we all go to the arena for hockey.  I’m already anticipating being in bed and sound asleep around 8:30 p.m.!

Well I’m making this sound like I’m all on my own here, but my son (who left for work before any of us got up) will meet us at the arena on his way home.    If I want some time to myself all I have to do is put a movie on for them and they’re glued to it for however long it runs.  I know this is not exactly the most grandmotherly activity, but last night we drew enough pictures to last a month.

The kids have also had their Nana here for the past couple of weeks.  I asked Omayja (who likes to tell you dubious things just to see how you react) if they had lots of fun with their Nana and she said not really because “all she did was feed us grapes”.  I ventured a guess that they did a lot more than that together, but Omayja just grinned.   I shudder to think what she might say about me when I’ve gone back home!  So far I’ve been carefully avoiding giving them grapes, just to be on the safe side.

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