Happy New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve. (I like to state the obvious.)  I’ve been up since 6:00 a.m.  Went to work for five rather useless hours where I read half a book that someone had left behind in our lab.  Normally I might not have found the topic interesting, but compared to watching the clock not move it had a certain amount of appeal.  When time to leave finally rolled around I came straight home and got to work on my furniture moving, my transfer of many things from the main floor to the basement and the building of bookshelves.  One shelf unit is done!  One to go!  And it’s only shortly after 6:00 p.m.!

I’m taking a break.

I’m hungry but I don’t have the energy to make myself something to eat just yet.  SOoooo…what are the odds that I stay conscious until midnight???  Slim to none? Yep, that sounds about right.  I have tomorrow and the 2nd off, but I really would like to get this done so that I can get back to doing nothing.  My ambition (and subsequent lack thereof) astounds me.

So the only real purpose of this blog, other than the fact that I get to sit down to write it, is simply to get in one last little blurb for 2011.  I sure as hell fell way short of any blog-a-day aspirations, but I’m hoping to do better in the new year with my 365 project from hell, or whatever I called it.

This second bookshelf should go up in record time, because this go around I’ll know exactly what I’m doing.  HAHAHA!  I really hate reading instructions and flipping pages and deciding why a confirmat screw is different from a cam post.  Never mind dowels and fasteners and washers and caps.  Thank God for pictures and having everything numbered and listed in some kind of sane order.  I’ve even put a bunch of books on my newly constructed shelves and so far nothing has fallen over!

Well I suppose that’s enough of a rest and it’s time to get this thing done before the clock strikes twelve.  And my hammer turns into a pumpkin.  I figure this is a much safer way to spend the evening than driving anywhere amongst the party-goers.  More news and updated pictures at 11:00.  (Although you shouldn’t hold your breath for that one – I could be aiming for tomorrow morning.)

2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,900 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Much Ado

What is love? ’tis not hereafter;

Present mirth hath present laughter;

What’s to come is still unsure:

In delay there lies no plenty;

Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty.

Youth’s a stuff will not endure.

William Shakespeare (Twelfth Night)

I’m cleaning up my “Library”, which is also the spare bedroom, because there’s just way too much random stuff in there that I should be embarrassed for guests to have to endure.  Even the closet is stuffed full of so much junk you wouldn’t want to hang anything up in there and risk having it go missing in the maze.

The way I clean and organize is perhaps not the most efficient or speedy method on earth.  Hardly even got started when I came upon a book with the above quote in it.  It’s one of my favourites.  So I put it on my blog.  And I turned off the light in there because I probably won’t go back and do any more tonight.  You have to be in the mood for this nonsense.  And as fast as the mood hit me, it also deserted me.  What can you do.

There’s already quite a pile of stuff on the bed that needs to come out of that room, which means it has to go somewhere else, in this case downstairs;  perhaps a lot of it should make it’s way out the back door to the garbage bin instead.  That would make for a much shorter trip.  And less arranging at the other end.  It’s well past time to purge the toy room again too and this influx of more things will just increase the complications.

However, this week there’s no garbage pick up.  So that’s a perfectly good enough reason for me to put the whole thing off.  Perhaps indefinitely, since there’s only two days left in December and nobody should be expected to do anything strenuous in the gawdawful month of January.  I do want to rearrange the books, but if I find awesome quotes in all of them, I’ll be at it for a very long time.

Two more days of work and then I can put the Christmas things away for another year.  After the 26th I make myself tolerate them for a few more days, but normally they’ve disappeard well before New Year’s Eve.

Posting Secrets

Every so often I visit www.postsecret.com to see what strange things people feel the need to share with others.  I’ve got the app on my IPhone too and sometimes flip through the latest posts for want of something better to do with my spare time. 

I guess it’s possible that a large percentage of these ‘secrets’ are actually true.  Some stuff is put there purely for the reaction and the shock value though, and a lot of it is meant to make us weep.  Then there are the people who just want to be reassured that they’re not completely out to lunch, even if in fact they are completely out to lunch. (I can’t be the only one who has this disgusting habit, can I?  Surely not.)

Once a secret is posted it’s of course no longer a secret;  anonymity of the author becomes the only unknown once it’s up there for all the world to see.

There was one I read today that struck me as ridiculously funny.  It’s a picture of a guy pointing a stick at his german shepherd, and the ‘secret’ is this:  I trained my dog with the elder wand.

Awesome. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for sharing this.  His amazing little secret kept a silly grin on my face all day long.

My 2012 Project 365

Here’s what I’ve decided to do for my own personal blog a day project, inspired by WordPress’ suggestions.  I’m pretty sure they won’t want to take any credit for this one, but that’s okay.  The things they were talking about involved leaving the house and interacting with people and expending effort.  Who’s up for THAT?  Not me.  I started this blog many many moons ago by taking a picture from my life and writing whatever popped into my head – remembered, made up, whatever.  Then Plinky got me writing about stuff and finding a picture later.  So kind of backwards, if you think about it.

I suppose the picture thing works, whichever way you look at it, because it’s kept me writing for six years.  And it’s time to go forward once again.  I will photograph random things in my house and write something about them, even if it’s only a moronic caption.  I will try to do this every day.  Hopefully we do not ever get so desperate for subject matter that we find ourselves looking at what I made for dinner or the dust bunnies under my couch.  My life is vastly more interesting than that.  I think.

The picture of the coffee cup is in my bedroom.  I realize it should be in the kitchen, but there’s no room for it in there, plus it doesn’t go with my nautical beach sea gull theme that I’ve got going on in that room.  I like the colors in this picture and I like looking at it.  So there it is.  I’ve hung it under my stencil experiment that didn’t turn out all that great, but I’ve never gotten around to removing it, and really, who cares, its just the bedroom.

I’ve even added a new category for my project.  So the pressure is on.  It’s almost like some kind of bizarre New Year’s resolution.  I’m very excited about it.  So much so that I’m falling asleep just thinking about it!  But that’s a good thing because I have to get up early and go to work tomorrow.  It’s kind of insane, when you think about it, that there are over three hundred and sixty five things within picture taking distance of me with which I can bore the pants off of everyone who bothers to read this.  It will be like one of those sleeper Indie movies where nothing ever happens but you keep watching because you can’t wait to see what doesn’t happen next.

Boxing Day Blues

On boxing day to wash my car

I ventured where the wild things are.

W left his truck parked there,

Otherwise I wouldn’t care.

I’d stay inside and opt for lazy

Cuz this is a day that’s known for crazy.

On Boxing Day the traffic rules

Only apply to dallying fools.

The cars jammed full of gift returns

Go screeching by, their rubber burns.

They fill up parking lots at stores

Blocking exits, slamming doors.

People standing in long lines

Ignoring helpful little signs

That say there’s no returns today.

(Take your crap and go away.)

Next time ask for gift cards please!

Holy Moly, Geez Louise

This sale is on for boxing WEEK!

No need to push and shove and freak.

On boxing day for your good health

Go home.  Relax.  Get over yourself.

What I Appreciate

Name something you appreciate about each of your immediate family members.

Two, four, six, eight; who do we appreciate? Rah, rah, ziss boom bah.

Immediate family = one’s parents, step-parents, siblings, spouse, children, step-children, foster children, in-laws, sibling in-laws, grandparents, great grandparents, step-great grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

That doesn’t sound nuclear, it sounds quite extended. When a medical person wants your family history, they don’t really care about your step brother in law or your maiden aunt twice removed. So I’ve always thought of immediate family as being biological relatives. I guess it’s all in the head of the definer.

To appreciate something means to be aware of it, to value it. Be grateful and thankful. Hold in high regard. Cherish. Understand. Applaud.

There. Now that I’ve defined everything to death, here’s the traits that I most appreciate in others. Kindness. Being caring and compassionate. Having an open mind. Tolerance. Optimism. A sense of humour.

All of my family members have one or more of these qualities in varying degrees. I don’t feel like drawing up a chart with check marks on it for every individual person and characteristic. There’s something to appreciate in just about everyone, although sometimes we might have to dig deep to discover whatever that might be. The hodgepodge assortment is what makes a family fun.

And if there’s some idiosyncrasy that I’m not all that fond of, it’s still a part of who that person is, and it’s easy enough to love them anyway.

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Well this is becoming quite the holiday journal.  We had our Christmas dinner.  I was trying to be all cheery and said to W ‘isn’t this kind of nice?  just the two of us, no pressure, no fuss, no shades of a madhouse or bedlam or chaos’ and he just said, ‘nope, I miss the kids’.  So do I, but there’s no point in being all maudlin and teary about it, is there?  Now we’re both satisfactorily stuffed and W has passed out in his rocking chair.  It’s very quiet in here, except for the dishwasher laboring away.  The fridge is full of leftovers because I have never had any kind of a clue when it comes to cooking small amounts of anything.  Even though our turkey was barely past babyhood.  Or it was a midget variety.  There’s still two full containers of meat.  Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, stuffing, gravy, cranberries – it’s making me feel slightly ill just thinking about it.  We were both trying to avoid that ‘omg I ate way too much’ feeling but I don’t think that’s possible with turkey dinner.

We should be going for a walk and enjoying this balmy weather!  It’s a lovely overcast three degrees celcius with no wind and no snow.  Perhaps I’ll suggest that to W if he ever wakes up.

Here’s a couple of pictures I’m happy to share.  First off, the family of hockey players.

  And a very recent snowman building feat by the cousins.  Obviously they have slightly more snow there than we do here,  lying around just waiting to be built into something awesome.

I guess it’s an overcast day there as well but this picture has made MY day all sunny.

Here Comes Santa Claus

Or maybe he’s not on his way, if you’ve been naughty all year.  I’ve been talking to my sister and she filled me in on the McArthur Christmas – naughty, nice, the elf on the shelf, tickle monsters, Chase and Alexis, jello that wouldn’t set and a turkey to die for.  I think the chef in the family (Andy) should spread himself around a little better for the holidays, or at least give us all crash courses in how to cook the perfect bird.

My brother starts his treatments the week after next.  Two trips to London, and then the rest of the five months (five months!) he can have them done in Owen Sound, so at least the travelling won’t be as grueling.  Ann says he’s in very good spirits, or if he’s not he’s putting up an excellent front.  His take on it is that everyone dies sometime, some sooner than others, and at least he’s been given a heads up.  I love my brother.  He’s more like our parents than he knows.

Our turkey is thawing, the stuffing is ready to go, the kitchen is a mess, and I’m on my second rum of the evenning.  Christmas Eve is good for something,  in this case an excellent excuse to drink.  Work dragged itself by today and there was only one insane purchaser of eyewear.  Mostly I watched the carts of little old ladies for them while they went to the washroom.  Then I took the damned Christmas tree down, and what was left of the decorations because no one will be back working in the Vision Centre until the 27th.  If there’s one thing that bugs me about this holiday season it’s how we prolong it.  There will be nothing even remotely christmas-y in my house long before the New Year.  Bah humbug, I suppose.  I am eternally thankful that I don’t have to work on Boxing Day when everyone returns or exchanges every gift they got.

Tonight we had some friends drop in for a drink, so that’s what got me started on the rum.  They were on their way home from helping out with Christmas dinner for the homeless.  Or just the unfortunate at a downtown church.  W worked at the car wash all day and then decided to walk home.  He sent me a text at about 4:20 and finally showed up at home some time after six o’clock.  With a tree branch in his hand.  So obviously he’d been into the Christmas cheer all afternoon.  Yep, I’m rolling my eyes.  I’m glad he didn’t drive home, but I could have gone and picked him up.  Of course then we wouldn’t have the pine bough that he snapped off of somebody’s front yard tree. He wants to put it on top of a heat register so that the scent of pine will fill the house.  Between that and my gazillion lit candles the place is smelling down right festive.

The prompt for today is to name the best holiday gift I ever received.  Without a doubt that’s my Kindle from my brilliant daughter-in-law, truly the gift that keeps on giving.  And if you’re talking about non-material things, that would be our incredible families, close and extended, here, there, and everywhere.  Going to be tucked up in my bedroom reading my Kindle very shortly, and fast asleep before you know it.  Visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.  Spiced rum does that to me.