A Nearby Attraction

Name an attraction or town close to home that you still haven’t gotten around to visiting.

I guess that would be Drumheller, the Dinosaur Capital of the World. But it’s not on my to-do list and really never has been. Which would no doubt be one of the reasons why I’ve never been there.

“There is nowhere quite like the Drumheller Valley! In the Heart of the Canadian Badlands in Southern Alberta, the Drumheller Valley offers visitors a unique combination of spectacular scenery and interesting things to do. Within easy driving distance of Banff, Calgary or Red Deer, a few hours on good all-weather highways will take you into another world – the world of startling contrasts between the deep past and the exciting present. Rolling fields suddenly give way to steep, dry coulees ridged with the strata of hundreds of years of erosion by time, wind and water. Through it all, the tranquil Red Deer River gently makes its way through parkland and myriad of recreational opportunities.” http://www.dinosaurvalley.com/

Nope, still have no ambition to go there, although I have relatives and friends who live further away who have been there and enjoyed it. I do not resent this or feel that I have been in any way deprived for never having been there. Funny how we can live right beside something that attracts tourists and never really notice or appreciate it ourselves.

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