Free Plane Tickets

Being the boring person that I am with little ambition to travel, I would probably ask around until I found some deserving person with a burning desire to go somewhere (if only there was sufficient money to do it), and then I’d give the tickets away.

If it were possible to have completely open-ended non expiring tickets, I’d just save them for a time when I HAD to take a trip whether I really wanted to or not.

How did I win these things anyway? It’s not like I’d enter a contest if that was the prize. I feel the same way about taking an ocean cruise. I seem to be rather attached to terra firma and reluctant to leave it to fly through the air or sail across the water. Unless you can promise me that when I get there it will be a thousand times better than where I am right now and I can put down roots and stay there forever.

Give me an all expenses paid staycation where I can party in my own back yard enjoying all the comforts of home. Send me postcards from wherever you’ve flown off to. That way we’ll both be having a fabulous time.

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