Be A Jolly Happy Soul

I got this awesome advice from  I also have one of their calendars already hanging on my wall.  Don’t worry, it’s one of those 16 month things, so I’m pretty sure it’s not bad luck.

I said a few days ago that I was going to get my Christmas shopping done, and that I’d get back to you when that actually happened, and GUESS WHAT!  I’m done.  Wrapping and all.  On the 11th of December.  Now what am I supposed to do for the rest of this long winter month??  Relax, maybe?  That sounds like good advice too.  Maybe I’ll do a bit of Christmas baking to make W happy.  It’s too sad to watch a grown man cry over something as simple as the absence of shortbread.

It does look like we won’t be going anywhere for the holiday because we don’t really get one that’s long enough to worry about.  I work on Christmas eve.  W has to be back to work on the 27th.  And then I get to work New Year’s Eve as well.  How did I luck out, you might well ask.  It’s because I’ve been spoiled rotten getting all kinds of time off for Christmas for the last several years, and now it’s someone else’s turn.  Well two someone elses, really.  I suppose they deserve time with their families as well so I’ve grudgingly agreed to buck up and just do it.  There’s always next year.  The psychic said there’d be some kind of break in tradition this time around so I guess this is it.  Add in the fact that our daughter in law is still recovering from jaw surgery, and that it makes sense for her to have a bit less stress in her already busy life.  Dana and Kenzie will be there – perhaps that’s enough excitement this time around.  (As if W and I are fascinatingly exciting to have around….)  Maybe we can head up there for a few days during Spring break or some other time when we can make ourselves useful.  Spring seems such a long way away.

I have one other thing to share.  My candle lighting prowess.  That snowman picture looks shivery cold, so here’s a much warmer one to take off the chill. I have a lot of candles and I just wondered what it would look like if I lit every one of them all at the same time.  Well it looks like someone has way too much time on her hands, for one thing.

But kind of glowing and flickery and stuff as well.  No one called the fire department so I got away with it.  And good thing I have a candle snuffer because there was a lot of different scented candles in this mix and after a bit I was too light headed to even think about attempting to blow them all out.  Whatever, curiousity satisfied.  It is possible to have candle overkill.  Who knew.

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