Well this is becoming quite the holiday journal.  We had our Christmas dinner.  I was trying to be all cheery and said to W ‘isn’t this kind of nice?  just the two of us, no pressure, no fuss, no shades of a madhouse or bedlam or chaos’ and he just said, ‘nope, I miss the kids’.  So do I, but there’s no point in being all maudlin and teary about it, is there?  Now we’re both satisfactorily stuffed and W has passed out in his rocking chair.  It’s very quiet in here, except for the dishwasher laboring away.  The fridge is full of leftovers because I have never had any kind of a clue when it comes to cooking small amounts of anything.  Even though our turkey was barely past babyhood.  Or it was a midget variety.  There’s still two full containers of meat.  Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, stuffing, gravy, cranberries – it’s making me feel slightly ill just thinking about it.  We were both trying to avoid that ‘omg I ate way too much’ feeling but I don’t think that’s possible with turkey dinner.

We should be going for a walk and enjoying this balmy weather!  It’s a lovely overcast three degrees celcius with no wind and no snow.  Perhaps I’ll suggest that to W if he ever wakes up.

Here’s a couple of pictures I’m happy to share.  First off, the family of hockey players.

  And a very recent snowman building feat by the cousins.  Obviously they have slightly more snow there than we do here,  lying around just waiting to be built into something awesome.

I guess it’s an overcast day there as well but this picture has made MY day all sunny.