What I Appreciate

Name something you appreciate about each of your immediate family members.

Two, four, six, eight; who do we appreciate? Rah, rah, ziss boom bah.

Immediate family = one’s parents, step-parents, siblings, spouse, children, step-children, foster children, in-laws, sibling in-laws, grandparents, great grandparents, step-great grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

That doesn’t sound nuclear, it sounds quite extended. When a medical person wants your family history, they don’t really care about your step brother in law or your maiden aunt twice removed. So I’ve always thought of immediate family as being biological relatives. I guess it’s all in the head of the definer.

To appreciate something means to be aware of it, to value it. Be grateful and thankful. Hold in high regard. Cherish. Understand. Applaud.

There. Now that I’ve defined everything to death, here’s the traits that I most appreciate in others. Kindness. Being caring and compassionate. Having an open mind. Tolerance. Optimism. A sense of humour.

All of my family members have one or more of these qualities in varying degrees. I don’t feel like drawing up a chart with check marks on it for every individual person and characteristic. There’s something to appreciate in just about everyone, although sometimes we might have to dig deep to discover whatever that might be. The hodgepodge assortment is what makes a family fun.

And if there’s some idiosyncrasy that I’m not all that fond of, it’s still a part of who that person is, and it’s easy enough to love them anyway.

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