Happy New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve. (I like to state the obvious.)  I’ve been up since 6:00 a.m.  Went to work for five rather useless hours where I read half a book that someone had left behind in our lab.  Normally I might not have found the topic interesting, but compared to watching the clock not move it had a certain amount of appeal.  When time to leave finally rolled around I came straight home and got to work on my furniture moving, my transfer of many things from the main floor to the basement and the building of bookshelves.  One shelf unit is done!  One to go!  And it’s only shortly after 6:00 p.m.!

I’m taking a break.

I’m hungry but I don’t have the energy to make myself something to eat just yet.  SOoooo…what are the odds that I stay conscious until midnight???  Slim to none? Yep, that sounds about right.  I have tomorrow and the 2nd off, but I really would like to get this done so that I can get back to doing nothing.  My ambition (and subsequent lack thereof) astounds me.

So the only real purpose of this blog, other than the fact that I get to sit down to write it, is simply to get in one last little blurb for 2011.  I sure as hell fell way short of any blog-a-day aspirations, but I’m hoping to do better in the new year with my 365 project from hell, or whatever I called it.

This second bookshelf should go up in record time, because this go around I’ll know exactly what I’m doing.  HAHAHA!  I really hate reading instructions and flipping pages and deciding why a confirmat screw is different from a cam post.  Never mind dowels and fasteners and washers and caps.  Thank God for pictures and having everything numbered and listed in some kind of sane order.  I’ve even put a bunch of books on my newly constructed shelves and so far nothing has fallen over!

Well I suppose that’s enough of a rest and it’s time to get this thing done before the clock strikes twelve.  And my hammer turns into a pumpkin.  I figure this is a much safer way to spend the evening than driving anywhere amongst the party-goers.  More news and updated pictures at 11:00.  (Although you shouldn’t hold your breath for that one – I could be aiming for tomorrow morning.)

One thought on “Happy New Year’s Eve

  1. an important job completed just before the end of the year..what better way to say Goodbye and Hello much better than partying the night away and having a hangover in the morning


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