Endings and Beginnings

Behold my revamped library/guest room!

Well, that could be anywhere I suppose – here’s a slightly better angle.

Sorry about the little piece of wall on the left blocking out bookcase # 4. Iti’s hard to get far enough away in such a small room to get everything in. I guess I can call this the official first blog of my crazy 365 project, although I’ve already done a couple of them, but those shouldn’t really count since it wasn’t the new year yet.  The thing I love best about rules is that they can be changed on a whim.  Well, mine can, anyway.

Next up – downstairs!  It’s the first day of a brand new year and time to turn over a new leaf, hang up a new calendar, set the tone for the next twelve months!  I read someplace that however you act or feel today will be the way you will act and feel for the rest of the year!  What a load of crap.  I’ll have worn myself out completely in another day or two and be back to my normal comatose self. Ive also straightened up the en suite bathroom and my clothes closet and removed some clutter from the kitchen and the living room.  Seriously, at this rate there will be nothing left to do by the 2nd of January!  And that’s how I know that ‘this rate’ is not going to last much beyond today.  So back at it, while the mood lasts!