Things Out of the Box

Elvis was born on this day, January 8, 1935.  When I was born he was just a 14 year old kid.  Then when I was a 14 year old kid and he was a ripe old 28, I could not for the life of me figure out what all the fuss was about.  I missed out on bobby socks and rock and roll parties and pompadours by THIS much.  I played “Love Me Tender” on the church organ at my brothers wedding.  What a strange thing to remember, never mind to do.  They must have been okay with it; or possibly they weren’t listening.

Yesterday I went to Chapters and bought some ‘under five dollars’ bargain books and some 50% off calendars, because I am a complete sucker for both of those things.  Two of the calendars are of the ‘page-a-day’ variety – one with quotes from various famous women called “That’s What She Said”, and the other “The Argyle Sweater” cartoons.  I just now realized on the back of each tear off cartoon there’s a thing called “The Daily Extra”.  So I’ve gone and rescued the ones I threw away from the paper recycle!  THAT was close.  Now I know that Superman in 1938 did not have the power to fly, but traversed the sky by leaping from building to building. Very good thing to know if I’m ever put on the spot with Superman trivia.

I also picked up a desk/engagement calendar.  Eckhart Tolle, the Power of Now.  It’s been a long time since I read his books, so this can serve as a little refresher on focusing my attention within and being completely in the present moment.  Setting myself free from all that inner dialogue and replacing it with inner stillness.  Like right now, what could possibly be better than writing this blog.  It is the epitome of true joy and inner peace.  Or whatever.  Close enough.

So rather funny that my random card pick from “the box” (which I’ve been successfuly ignoring for a very long time because Plinky asks me the same kinds of questions), should be “When you’re down, what do you do to feel better?”  In random order:  play games on my iphone, eat, sleep, blog, read, meditate, and rearrange the furniture.  Things that generally DON’T make me feel better are listening to music, doing the laundry, picking up groceries and getting ready for work. Although those things shouldn’t make any difference to my inner peace because they’re just things I’m doing while I’m being.  “When you act out of present moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care and love – even the most simple action.”  I’ll try to remember that when I’m sorting the lights from the darks.

Well this has been a mish-mash of topics inspired by everything but the kitchen sink.  I’m just so happy to see all those numbers on the calendar get encased in cute little boxes all in a row with none of them left out.  So far so good.  Up, up and away.  Happy Birthday Elvis.  You left us much too soon.