The Rain in Spain

Is there rain in Spain this time of year?  I don’t want to complain about the weather we’re having so far this January because I’m pretty sure that as soon as I do it will get infintesimally worse in every possible way.  So I will just describe it to you.  It’s warm (often above freezing), and rather windy.  There is barely any snow on the ground anywhere.  Our driveway had some ice on it a couple of days ago, but now it is completely bare, except for some dead leaves blowing around.  When I take the garbage out I can do so wearing flip flops and no coat.  When I went shopping on the weekend I left my coat and my gloves at home.  If we get precipitation, it’s either wet snow which promptly melts, or it’s rain.  Freezing rain, although not that nice to deal with if you have far to walk or drive, is preferable to snow as far as I’m concerned.  It goes away faster, for one thing. And it’s not white and it doesn’t blow in your face.

We usually put plastic shrink film insulation on all our windows in the winter, whenever it starts to get cold.  Sometime in November if not before is the norm.  We still haven’t put it on anywhere in the house this winter, because there just have not been any cold enough days to inspire or motivate us.  I am not complaining about that either, believe me.  We could do away with this boring cold weather ritual if we had new windows installed, but so far the plastic has remained a much more economical alternative.

It’s supposedly going to get colder mid-month and then we’ll get our January dump of the white stuff.  And no doubt start scrambling to get the windows covered up.  So I’m enjoying this unseasonable mild weather and I will try bravely to tolerate whatever comes next.  Because what the hell else can you do.

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