Ten Day Check

We are ten days into the new year and it’s therefore time for a ten day check – to make sure things are going well. If they’re not, this would be a good day to start to turn things around.  We only get one stab at 2012. And there’s only 355 days left, give or take however many we miss because of the end of the world coming up.  But I’m not getting into that right now.

So in the interests of checking things out and feeling good about myself, here are ten things that are going very well for me at the moment.

1.  I have not broken any New Years resolutions!  And that’s mainly because I didn’t bother to make any.  How very forward thinking of me.

2.  My blog a day thing is going well.  The secret to my success is that I have ceased to care how stupid I sound or how incredibly boring my topics happen to be.  My motto is something along the lines of “Write something!  Nobody gives a shit!”

3.  They keep putting me on the schedule, so I keep showing up for work and bringing home a paycheque.  Even though the government in their infinite wisdom has decreed that they will once again deduct CPP from the cheques of the people who pretended to retire early but didn’t really.  I still collect my pension.  It’s all kind of a sick joke if you think about it too hard, so I won’t bother doing that.

4.  I have done some spring cleaning, although spring is a long way off.  Whatever time of the year it is I think I’ll call my sporadic attempts at creating order out of chaos “spring cleaning.”  Then when spring finally does roll around and I’m doing dick-all,  I’ll be able to enjoy that without guilt.

5. For ten whole entire days I have not once lapsed into my “Intense Hatred of January” mode.  Only 21 more days to go!  I’ll never make it!  But that’s perfectly okay.  I’m confident that another month will come along that can shoulder some of the wrath.

6.  I have read the Plinky prompts and smiled and ignored them without feeling the need to rant about how they’re all repeats.  Obviously I’ve been hanging around there too long.  Or my memory is not yet short enough to have forgotten what I said the first time around.  Well, actually, in most cases it is.   And since I’d either repeat what I already wrote or (a much more likely scenario) completely contradict myself, I’ll just hang in there and wait for a good topic to surface.

7.  I’ve discovered the joy of Tags.  WordPress prompts me to use them.  I just pick a couple of the ones they suggest when I’m done.  Lots of times my choices are based on nothing more than whims.  A lot of people will be seeing my blog completely by accident.  I hope it doesn’t ruin their day.

8.  Every day (and I’m not even kidding – EVERY single day) I have been making a salad and eating it.  My insides are probably now irreversibly green.  I’ve also been drinking a fruit smoothie for breakfast EVERY day.  The psychic said I would live to be 93, so I’m just trying to make sure I’m healthy for the duration.  And if that includes purchasing things like ‘happy planet organic antioxidant’ juice, so be it.

9.  I have been reading, reading reading.  My head is full of words.

10. I am slowly (ever so slowly) weaning myself away from the most time wasting game on the face of the earth.  It isn’t all that much fun anymore, and more like work and an obligation.  The almighty pursual of points, to what end?  I don’t know anymore.  Maybe I never did.  Soon I will have set myself free.

I’m sure there’s more things than that to be blissfully happy about, but I said ten, so ten is where I stop.  I am so incredibly disciplined about random things.