This and That and a Couple of Other RandomThings

Checked out two different horoscopes today just in case something interesting and exciting might be looming in my immediate future. It kills me that they’re kind of on the same page with this.  And making me wonder if a sledgehammer is perhaps something I should be putting on one of my many lists.

1.  You’re in the mood to do something radically different to your home, and you’re not willing to stop at just one measly little purple accent wall either. If you’re not a licensed contractor, don’t get carried away with that sledgehammer.

2.  Focus your energies on chores or changes to your home today. If you spend too much time on playful entertainments or distractions, you could miss something that needs to be fixed. You might have a bigger problem later on. Don’t procrastinate.

Playful entertainments or distractions!  Don’t procrastinate!  Sheeeeesh.  How do they always manage to peg me so well.

Yesterday I popped the car radio on for my usual 30 seconds or less – that’s about how long it takes me to get annoyed with whatever is on there – and some guy was talking about Internet Addictive Disorder.  He was trying to reassure people that it’s not really an addiction per se, unless it interferes with your work or home and family life.  HA!  Internet Addictive Disorder IS my home life.  Although I’m making an effort to improve the quality of my wasted time.  By playing things like Lexulous and Wordscraper and Hot Shot.  Improving my brain power and hand eye co-ordination.  I miss the writing challenges they used to have on Plinky – writing a story using nothing but dialogue;  100 words without using the letter E, a poem where every word begins with the letter S.  I’m not a big fan of the brainless ones that ask me to name my favourite brand of laundry detergent.

To further procrastinate (putting off painting that purple accent wall) I will answer the table topic card for today.  Today, by the way, is Albert Schweitzer’s birthday.  (1875 – 1965).  I had a book about him when I was a pre-teen and admired his building of a hospital and medical work in Africa, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952.  And now back to the table topic card – would you be likely to survive alone in the wilderness.  NO, I very likely would not.  I’m no Albert Schweitzer.  Wild animals and bugs and weather would finish me off very quickly I think.  In fact, I think I don’t even want to think about it.

And finally, since all this chatter is going absolutely nowhere fast and I have some construction work to get to before the day ends, here’s my objet d’art for this 14th day of January in the year two thousand and twelve.

I got him on our trip to the east coast, I think maybe in Newfoundland, although he and his brothers in yellow rain slickers were in gift shops everywhere out there.  He’s got a stringer of fish and a “Roberta Hand Sculpted Originals” tag (hand sculpted from polymer clay by Roberta Palmer, Prince Edward Island) at his elbow.  And a GREAT moustache. If I had that kind of rain gear, perhaps I could survive an extra day or two in the wilderness. Or at any rate be spotted more easily by Search and Rescue huddled in the fetal position beneath some big tree in a thunder storm waiting to be eaten by a bear.

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