Happily Stuck in the S’s

I’m in the process of reading this book, (Swell, by Corwin Ericson) but had to put it down for a minute to recommend it.  Highly.  It’s good, good, good.

After I’ve read a book that I consider very good reading, it’s hard to pick up another one because it never seems to measure up.  That’s what happend after “The Night Circus” (Erin Morgenstern) when I tried to get into “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides.

It’s got to be good if it’s anything like “Middlesex” by the same pleasant looking guy, but after a few pages I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind I guess, so I’ll have to go back to it another time.  I’ve got so many books on my kindle I can’t remember what I’ve read or where I’m at half the time.  It’s shared with my daughter and daughter-in-law and on no less than nine devices.  I look at my items (107 at the moment) and the archives (95 items) trying to remember if I’ve read something or not, and if it comes up on the screen somewhere in the middle of the book it might or might not be where someone else left off or even someone else’s purchase.  One of these days maybe I’ll get the titles all sorted out and organized.  Maybe being the key word in that statement.

But “Swell” is keeping me happy, just like “Swamplandia” (by Karen Russell) did before it:  I read it  from start to finish without once considering my state of mind.  I love it when a book captures my interest so completely.

The pictures on both of these books would have made me pass them by in a bookstore.  Oceans and whales and crocodiles – or whatever those things are – alligators, giant squid – ewww.  But with my kindle I just read a review and click BUY if it’s not some outrageous price over 9.99 and for the most part I’m completely in the dark about cover illustrations.

Next to delve into is “South of Bixby Bridge”.  I’m not sure how I got stuck in the S titles, but it’s happened.

Hmmmm.  Essentially nude women, washed up on the rocks?  I don’t think the reviews mentioned anything like that.  So never judge a book by it’s cover, because who knows what you might be missing?

Since my reviews often need to be labled with “spoiler” warnings, I’ll just leave it up to Amazon to fill you in.  And if you’re looking for an amazing author, Alice Hoffman has never written a book I didn’t love.  But, right now, back to the mesmerizing pages of “Swell”.

I LOVE reading your comments. Sometimes I even reply to them.

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