Moody Weather

How much does the weather influence my mood?

Well, first off, this is a great question to ask any Canadian, because we wouldn’t even have moods if it wasn’t for changes in the weather. We would have nothing to talk about and nothing really to do. We are a nation of people who have evolved with the seasons.

We all complain bitterly about winter because it’s cold and white and bleak and makes our cars run funny. (Well except for those insane winter sports enthusiasts who pretend to love the ice and the snow and skiing in the mountains and who go trotting off to hockey games all the time.) (There’s also the ones who go flying off to Mexico for six months every year and no longer care, although once there I’m pretty sure they will complain about the heat instead.)

In the spring we either get far too much rain or not nearly enough. The snow goes away too fast, or it refuses to go fast enough. This puts all farmers and gardeners and lawn enthusiasts into foul humor, one way or the other. The rest of us either pity them or remain thoroughly confused as to why it makes any difference.

In the summer the weather is either unseasonably cool or ridiculously hot. It is too humid or it is too dry. There are too many bugs and there’s not enough sunshine, or there’s way too much sunshine, and all those harmful rays can’t possibly be good for us. Perfect weather would stun us speechless. Most of us are confined to windowless workplaces and temperature controlled buildings and we miss it all anyway.

In the fall it gets much too windy, much too soon, and we get burried in leaves before we’re ready for it. Everyone decides to get everything winterized all at once and we’re all surprised and miffed when the people who do these things are very busy and we have to wait our turn. We live in constant dread of that first snowfall and fret for weeks about whether or not it’s the right time to put the snow tires on.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that about 90% of my time is spent indoors quite happily disconnected from whatever impact the weather would like to have on my life. Of course this doesn’t stop me from being bored and irritated because I’m cooped up inside, or annoyed with whatever is going on out there, even if I haven’t experienced it yet today first hand.

There’s always somebody wandering around from building to building who is happy to drop by and let the people inside know what kind of hell they’re being put through weather-wise. The rest of us adjust our moods accordingly.

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