For The Fun Of It

I used to paint all the time until I started doing it for money, and then it became work and I stopped.  I sometimes wonder if that urge to create my ‘works of art’  just for the fun of it will ever come back.

I’ve been reading some things about the creative process, and writer’s block, and finding inspiration, and none of it has been all that inspirational to me.  Because the bottom line is – if you don’t get a kick out of doing something, you will stop doing it.

After today, because of a scheduling fiasco and a stat holiday and a trade off of one day for another at work, I will have five days off in a row and lots and lots of time on my hands to blog my little heart out.  If nonsensical blather is all I come up with, I refuse to care or appologize or try harder.

There will probably be poetry.  You have been forewarned.