What Bugs Me

Daily Horoscope: February 17, 2012

            A big night out might seem like the release you need, but you’d be surprised how soothing and rejuevenating something a little lower-key can be.  Have fun, but treat yourself right, too.
  • Compatibility: Leo
  • Mood: Relaxed
  • Lucky Color: Gold
  • Lucky Number: 28
  • Lucky Time of Day: 5am      

The release I need…..from what?  Inertia?  Telling me to be low-key is like telling someone to lie down and stop breathing altogether.  Simple and informal and bordering on dormant is my idea of a good time.  And I always treat myself right.  It’s a trait I share with W and our daughter, both of whom are Leos.   Looks like we just might all hit it off tonight.  Our “big night out” is going to be something earth shatteringly thrilling like dinner at Boston Pizza, or some such hot spot.  Maybe we’ll even have a pre-dinner drink.  My spine is tingling in anticipation!  After that my mood will be relaxed, no problem.  We’re not celebrating anything in particular;  she has a room- mate moving out and just wanted to make herself scarce for awhile.

I don’t wear gold anymore, because I think it clashes with my silvery hair.  But I’m drinking coffee from my brown and GOLD cup.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I was blissfully unconscious at five o’clock this morning.  I wish I had known sooner that running out and buying a lottery ticket before dawn would have been a luckier activity for me at that time of the day.  I guess I should start reading these things right after midnight to get the full benefit of their revelations.

The title for this meandering post was going to be something along the lines of “things that pissed me off at work yesterday” but then I realized I don’t feel at all like ranting anymore.  So I’ll just say what they were and get over it.  I work in the optical department of a big box store.  We have our own space but no doors, so it’s wide open on one side to the rest of the store.  And to all the retail shenanigans.

There is a cashier with a very loud and irritating voice who talks baby-talk to every small child unfortunate enough to have a mother who chose that particular check out.  She also says the eye rolling “HELLO?!!?” which is meant to mean “are you serious, you didn’t know that, you’ve got to be kidding me, what were you (or I, or they) thinking?”  It is by far and away her favourite comment on just about everything.  I try to tune her out, but I think if she had her own microphone she couldn’t get much louder.

Kids sitting in shopping carts, fake crying (and some of them have to work extremely hard at it to keep up their wailing long after they’ve forgotten whatever it was that upset them in the first place) are not QUITE as irritating as their mothers who are trying to reason with them and get them to stop.  Why would they stop?  They’re getting exactly the one on one attention they want.  When they’re good, they don’t get that, they get ignored.  There might be a great bribe in the works if they can carry on with the annoying noise for long enough. So they do. Without tears. Tears are harder to fake.

And then there’s the cell phone users who have no clue that the people around them don’t really want to hear their scintillating half of a conversation.  Especially in a public washroom from the next stall.   Can it not wait until after you’ve flushed and washed your hands?  Gawd.

Okay, I suppose that was kind of a rant after all.  Sorry.  But since I’ve never done anything myself to annoy anyone, I feel entitled and justified.  (Hello?!!?)  GAH.

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day!  I’m not off to a very good start, but the day is young.  I have things to do and places to go.  Once I figure out what those things are exactly, it will be all downhill from there.  And what bugs me can be forgotten and buried in the past where it belongs.