Elm Farm Ollie and So and Such

I love red wine, but I think it gives me a screaming headache.  Can’t think of anything else I did differently yesterday to deserve the pain I woke up with this morning.  But it went away in a hurry, so I’m sure it won’t deter me from doing it all again.  We had a very nice evenning out, bottle of red wine included.  I’m trying to remember what it was called because if we go there again I don’t think asking them to give me whatever I had last time will get great results.  It was red and a little sweet and came in a bottle and I think the name ended in a Y.  That should narrow it down.

Today was birthday shopping day, because grandmas quickly reach the point where they have no clue about picking out the right thing, so best to take the birthday girl along and get it right.  We have come home with yet another book about the Titanic, a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank complete with pictures, and a beginner microscope.  We have a serious little growing up person on our hands.  Right now she’s busy making her own slides.  I wish I could help, but I prefer the ready made ones.  The cashier suggested we look at bread mould and squashed bugs, which delighted one of us and grossed out the other.

Today marks the anniversary of the flying cow (Elm Farm Ollie, also known as Nellie-Jay, first cow in an airplane, February 18th, 1930.)  After the flight she promptly changed her name to Sky Queen and thumbed her nose at her great great grandmother who merely jumped over the moon.

It’s also National Battery Day.  We bought a dozen AA’s today so we’ve done our bit.  I can’t imagine life without batteries.  They’re everywhere.

Before we took off this morning we threw together a big pot of chili and it’s been simmering away in the crock pot all day.  Nice to come home to a house that smells hot and spicy.  After we eat it will be movie marathon night.  One of us will pay rapt attention and the other will nod off.  A lot.  It’s been a fun full day.