Not Exactly Flip-Flop Weather

It has been snowing like crazy all day long!  Since we haven’t really had any snow to speak of this winter, perhaps in the next little bit we’ll get the entire winter’s worth all at once.  And that would be okay, I think, just to get it over and done with.  Of course, on a day when I should have stayed at home, I went out and slid around on the icy roads with the rest of the crazy motorists who are too stupid to wait for better conditions.

I ran into two people I haven’t seen in years at Tim Horton’s, of all places.  Not in my car, but over the donut counter.  One was an optician I worked with over ten years ago who is still in the business but going back to school to become a plumber.  How’s that for a change in direction career-wise.  I remember though that he was always planning crazy career moves, so perhaps this is just his latest wild dream.  The other person is a long-ago contact lens patient, and I’m surprised we even recognized eachother.  So in the process of talking to both of them and ordering a coffee and a hot chocolate and having my grandaughter pick out six donuts (it is not at all easy to make such choices in such a place) I completely forgot what I’d come in for in the first place, which was to get a gift card.  So I’ll have to go back.  But not today.

February 19th is National Chocolate Mint Day.  I remember liking peppermint patties when I was little (because any kind of chocolate was such a treat) and, in the not so distant past, After Eights, but now I prefer my chocolate and my mint on different days.  It’s just a weird combination and one kind of ruins the other.  Sort of like mixing chocolate with strawberries, which makes both of them taste funny.  I guess I’m just a food purist at heart.  Like a kid who freaks out if the peas touch the mashed potatoes.  Or if the ice cream is green.  Ick.

Yesterday at Chapters I bought an awesome little book – How To Live in Flip-Flops by Sandy Gingras.  It takes about ten minutes to read and will make you feel good about yourself and your life for much much longer than that, once you discover your flip-flop self.

If it’s Family Day weekend for you, I hope you’re having a great time with your family.  Or without them, if they drive you insane.  I’m going to light a candle or two and curl up with my grandaughter and my kindle and my I-Phone and her I-Pod and about fifty moshi-monsters and be thankful that no mint chocolate (in do-nut form or otherwise) will pass my lips today.  Or ever, if I’m lucky.