Two For Tea

Well I’ve done it with the red wine again, although this time I did make an effort not to guzzle.  Or tip the glass over.  Those long stems make one’s beverage a bit unstable.  Anyway, I’ve had a couple of glasses because when someone cracks open a bottle it seems a shame to let them drink alone.  I like to do my part and attempt to be sociable.  My teeth haven’t turned purple yet so I should be fine.

I haven’t yet run out of odd things around the house to use as blog topics for my crazy project 365.  So here’s one of them.  I’m sure I must be somewhere around “seven down, 358 to go”.  This picture is one I painted years ago when I first started experimenting with tole.  It reminds me of myself and my sister having one of our less violent tea parties.  Normally we had them outside in the sand box where you could spill and throw things and it didn’t really matter.  Time enough to act like ladies.  This was also during my “way too much detail” phase and bubblegum cheeks period.

Today is the birthday of Buffy St. Marie, Canadian Cree, singer-songwriter, musician, composer, visual artist, educator, pacifist, and social activist. I remember her Fire & Fleet & Candlelight album from the ’60’s or early ’70’s, especially the Circle Game song.  If you’ve ever heard her sing, you’ll never forget her very distinct voice.

It’s also Love Your Pet Day, so I’ll just celebrate my enviable state of being pet-less.  Even a pet rock’s future would be uncertain in my care.  (Remember the fish?)  It’s okay.  Here, have a glass of this.  It will help us both forget.

One thought on “Two For Tea

  1. Love your style, grandmalin! I firmly believe that once a bottle of wine has been opened it is a sin to not finish it. therefore, I’m very careful about when I choose to open one. I thought your painting was very nice — bubble gum cheeks and all! Thanks for dropping by my blog.


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