The Pepsi Mirror

It’s not easy to take a picture of a mirror.  Well it’s not rocket science either, but you could hurt yourself stumbling over stuff behind you while trying to get the very best angle.  And then when you’re done you might look at the end result and wonder what the hell all that backwards crap is in the reflection.

Some foolish person put this little gem in a yard sale many years ago.  And some brilliant pack rat bought it and has had it cluttering up her messy basement ever since.  One of these days it could be worth a bazillion dollars as antique pepsi memorabilia, but I doubt I’ll live long enough to see that happen.  So in the meantime I will just enjoy having it hanging around.

Sarcasm – Love it or Leave it?

I never am sarcastic.

Why do you enquire?

Answer me directly

Or I’ll set myself on fire.

I’m not a fan of irony,

Or bitter cutting snark.

Don’t work so hard!

Be still my heart.

Where did you learn to park??

There aren’t sufficient circuses

And way too many freaks.

But sarcastic remarks are not the way

To write up good critiques.

If you think I feel as bad as you look,

I can’t help who I am.

It’s true I’ve been mistaken

For someone who gives a damn.

But never do I exaggerate.

I’ve told you a million times

Being a rude sarcastic bitch

Is not one of my crimes.

You’d have to hear the tone of my voice

To appreciate all I’ve said.

So rather than keep on mucking about

I’ll chase a wild goose instead.