No Brainer

February 27th is No Brainer Day.  A day after my own heart.  Or head, or whatever.  Even my astrological people appear to be taking a day off from putting much thought into their predictions.

A certain amount of nostalgia is natural, but if you’re longing for the past and indulging in thoughts of what could have been, snap yourself out of it. Physical activity’s good for getting your head back into the present.

  • Compatibility: Leo
  • Mood: Moody
  • Lucky Color: Rose Pink  

I never long for the past.  It’s over and done with, and that’s perfectly fine with me.  And  my mood is MOODY?  Really?   Huh.

It’s also February Fun Day.  Normally I might try to think up something more fun to do than go to work and actually work, but the no brainer thing is an easier choice of priority, so I’m going with that instead.

It’s Monday.  The perfect day of the week for the walking brain dead to get their little brain dead selves over their weekend and back into the present.  It’s good to have an entire day to do that.  I don’t feel like thinking up a reason why.