A is for Airports in the A.M.

Today I was at the airport around 5:15 a.m.  The reason that’s admirable and a bit astounding is that I’m not the one going away.  I foolishly mentioned yesterday that I could drive W out there and much to my dismay he accepted my offer and wouldn’t let me retract it.  Gawd.  Although we were going about 10 klicks over the posted speed limit, at least a dozen taxi cabs went flying past us on the half hour drive, so that when we got to the drop off at departures they were all stopped in every available stopping spot plus blocking traffic to exit the bloody place.  What a zoo.  His flight to Winnipeg was scheduled to leave at 6:30 a.m., so apparently it’s never too early to get the hell out of Edmonton.

W is off to northwestern Ontario for a week to visit his family.  I’m going to be flying out at the same gawdawful hour in the morning on the 3rd of April to visit mine, but that also includes making a connecting flight in Winnipeg and continuing on to London, Ontario.  He says he will drive me to the airport for that one.  He does owe me one.

I’ve got a doctor appointment to go to in an hour, and then work to show up for in four.  There didn’t seem to be much point in going back to bed.  It’s like getting extra hours in the day and having all kinds of time to make coffee and do some laundry and shower and make breakfast and play some intelligent well thought out moves in my scrabble games for a change when you get up this damned early.  Perhaps later on this afternoon when I fall asleep in the middle of a conversation I’ll be second guessing the decision to start my day so soon especially since I haven’t included a plan for a power nap in there somewhere.

My astrological forecast for today is definitely meant for someone who will be slightly less sleep deprived.

Talk about a great date night — with the right person, you can make an astounding connection that’s intellectual, emotional and physical all at once. If you don’t have the right person, you just might by night’s end.  

Operative word here being “might”.  Word not included but understood – NOT.  And the part about being intellectual is definitely a stretch.  If I’m still conscious later on I’ll come back to let you know how that panned out.  It’s going to be a looooooooooooong day.

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