For The Love Of Coffee

It’s a working Saturday for me, so I took a quick look at how the day is supposed to go.

#1.  You probably will be facing another really busy day, Taurus, in that the Moon is still passing through your Zodiacal house of communications, errands, siblings and neighbors. There is a good chance that you’ll be interacting with a lot of people, but mostly for the purpose of following up and getting things done. It’s crucial that you don’t skip any connections or any opportunities to chat with others. It’s possible that events concerning children or group activities you’re obligated to attend may interfere with having fun.

#2.  You’re grabbing on to something (or someone), but you of all people should know that this is when things get squirmy and weird. Loosen that grip before it’s too late.

How can the phases of the moon and the alignment of the planets tell you two such different things?  It’s making me feel all squirmy and weird.

However, there’s something more consistent in my life than the star predictions from outer space.  Every morning I brew a pot of coffee, even when I’m home alone, and even if I have to go to work before I could possibly finish all of it.  I just have this strong feeling that half pots don’t taste as good.  Plus I’ve got the measuring down to a science and don’t want to mess with that by attempting to make a smaller amount.  Just a creature of habit, and too stubborn to change.

Almost every day at work I also purchase large coffees for myself and for whoever happens to be working with me, from McDonalds.  (And of course I guilt my co-workers into buying it for me).  No matter what you have to say about that place and its food, their coffee ranks high with the best that’s out there.  They don’t even wait for me to place my order there anymore, they just see me coming and say  ‘how many?’  I also have a Tassimo coffee maker and a French Press coffee pot.  It’s hard to fit one or both of those into my daily coffee routine, but sometimes I manage to do it.

So that should be quite enough coffee for one person for one day, wouldn’t you think?  But apparently not.  Because when I get home I like to make myself a cup of ready brew instant with one of those cute little individual foil packets from Starbucks.  At that time of day the real stuff is guaranteed to keep me awake, but the decaf is also quite good and it’s hard to tell the difference.  Except for the falling asleep part.

So those little packets are my current addiction.  I really really love them.  With this little add-on to my much larger basic addiction, I could quite possibly be courting death by coffee.  But there’s probably a couple of worse ways to go, so I’ve chosen my poison and it looks like I’m willing to suffer the consequences, whatever they might be.

Gawd, Starbucks and McDonalds should send me free coffee for life for this post.

March 3rd is I Want You To Be Happy Day!  If that involves consuming buckets of coffee for you, I say go for it.  And this advice is universal – let nothing interfere with having fun.