The Creation of Adam and Other Significant Stuff

Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam

The weather outside is frightful (not really, it’s just cold and snowing), but I will have to go out there and shovel some of the snow off the driveway this morning.  There are certain perks to having W at home, especially since he knows how to use the snowblower.  He did offer to show me once, but I’m not falling for that one.  Once I’ve operated it, if only for five seconds, everything that ever goes wrong with it from that moment on will somehow be construed as my fault.  Since he’s been away for a week (home tomorrow) he has sent me several text messages, all of which include the word “snow”.  He does like to worry from afar.  If we’d had a major blizzard I’m not sure what he thought he could do about it from the other side of the country.

Yesterday I called our lawn care people to make sure they know we want to be on their client list again this spring and summer.  They do spring clean up – aeration, power raking, edge trimming – and then weekly lawn maintenance after that including fertilizer and weed control and fall clean up until the snow flies again.  I love them all dearly.  This year we don’t have any tree pruning or landscaping to hike up the cost of things, but whatever they charge (and they assure me their rates have not gone up) it’s worth it just to have somebody else do all that work so that I don’t have to.  Because W will be away for most of the summer, and he would worry himself sick about the lawn if I were the one completely responsible for it.

I also called our gas company at their request after receiving a Meter Move Notice, to set up a meter move assessment.  They’ve decided to move everyone’s gas meters outside, doing the actual work when the ground isn’t frozen of course, but deciding how complicated it might be for every individual residence and scheduling their time to do it all.  It will be more convenient for everyone involved if they no longer have to get inside to read the meters and make up estimates when they can’t.  They are charging us for this upgrade to their safe, reliable, efficient service, at the lowest possible cost, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

So that’s done and they’re sending a guy out on Friday morning, which is my day off.  See how damned efficient I can be, living all by myself, getting things done??  We won’t talk about the pile of dirty dishes and the stack of laundry I’ve been more or less ignoring since last Wednesday.  I’ll get all that taken care of today.  W will be none the wiser upon his return.  I even put gas in my car, because he freaks out when it’s cold and the tank is on empty.  Either he has never explained to me exactly why this bothers him so much, or I’ve just never listened when he did, but keeping the tank full in cold weather is something that I’ve been trained, like Pavlov’s dog, to do.

Today is Michelangelo’s birthday.  Maybe I’ll make a play dough sculpture in his honor.  Or in honor of the human body which he thought was the most beautiful thing in the world, and which he drew and painted and sculpted for his entire life.  When you look at his Adam and his David you are rather inclined to agree with him.

It’s also National Frozen Food Day in the U.S., an actual national holiday since 1984.  Part of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.  Frozen food had been around since 1930 when this holiday was declared, so I suppose they felt after fifty years that it had some staying power and needed recognition and celebrating.  I don’t know the whole story.

I suppose I can’t really put off the snow removal thing any longer.  Doesn’t look like it’s going to melt on it’s own for me before tomorrow afternoon.  If this should be the last post I ever write it won’t be rocket science to figure out what happened to me.  Hopefully W will be the one to discover my body in the snow, and not the meter man,