Another Day, Another Discourse

The 13th of March is Ear Muff Day, Good Samaritan Day and Jewelry Day.  So once you find your bejeweled ear muffs, you should be good to go.  Wearing them all day will make people think twice about asking for your help with anything, so missing out on the good Samaritan part will be their problem and not yours.  I completely missed Commonwealth Day yesterday (the second Monday in March) so shame on me for being an oblivious Canadian.  I somehow think I’m not alone.  We’d all pay better attention if it was a stat holiday.

I just took this blurry picture of my kitchen calendar in case you hadn’t realized what good advice you can get from trees.  There’s all kinds of fun stuff like this at  -the site has nice relaxing music and a hummingbird flitting around while they share nature’s wisdom.  And attempt to sell you stuff.

Work was a bit hairy (as in ‘troubling’) as expected yesterday , but there’s really nothing to be done about it but persevere for now. Hairy situations have come and gone before.  And that brings us (by the round about scenic route) to the obscure word for the day: crinigerous.  It also means hairy, but in the “overgrown with hair” sense.  Legs that have not seen a razor for months come to mind.

Only a week to go before it’s officially spring!  The milder weather and the longer daylight hours are delightfully welcome. Trees will soon be looking like normal trees again.

Well, I’ve got to run.  (Ever notice that people who say this have no intention of actually running anywhere?)  The truth is, I want to make my plays in “Words With Friends” on facebook before I go to work.  I suppose ‘crinigerous’ is too much to hope for….