A Furnace In Springtime

I’m so happy it’s the first day of Spring!  Seems like such a short time ago that I was taking pictures of our front and back yards and the mountains of snow that just would not go away.  A whole year ago, and here we go again, but this time around the snow is looking much more vulnerable.  Yesterday we missed a snow storm that went by to the south and east of us, so March isn’t done with us yet.

It’s a good day to be upbeat and perky, but I’ve read four different astrological predictions and looked at several tarot card readings and today for me is supposed to be crap.

…..get bad advice from a higher up, early morning disagreements, be careful who you trust, prepare for the worst, you will be very egotistical, upset the people around you, jealousy, conflicts……

It just didn’t get better, even when I put in a fake name for the Tarot cards to fool them.  Talk about the power of suggestion!  They’re trying to put me in a perfectly pissy mood.

That’s gonna be hard with three days left to work before I take 4 weeks off!  Or maybe I simply won’t care what havoc I wreak at work since there’ll be time enough for them to forget all about it before I return.

I met W on the first day of spring, FORTY TWO YEARS AGO!  Although way back then it was the 21st day of March.  Seems kind of amazing that we’re both still kicking around, doesn’t it?  And that we’ve been paying bills for four decades.  We’re having a new furnace installed (there’s a guy in my basement doing the preliminary measurements and messing about as we speak) and then while I’m off to Ontario for 2 weeks and W is here and not working I’m sure he’ll think of at least a dozen major renovations we can’t afford to live without.  As long as he doesn’t try to HELP or worse yet, do them himself, it’s all good.

Time for me to get my egotistical disagreeable pessimistic little butt to work.  Happy Spring!