House of Secrets

There’s a lot going on in your Solar Chart’s house of secrets and self created problems today, Taurus. There may be some kind of backroom or underhanded deal going on around you; if you have a reason to distrust someone, or even information that lets you know about their plans, don’t lash out. The Moon/Saturn opposition puts the ball in their court. Very shortly afterward, the Sun/Uranus conjunction occurs in the same house, and this is a combination that can bring out the truth or turn the tide. Hold on to your temper.

Mood: Calm Your Daily Lucky Color: Yellow

Why do these people keep saying my problems are self created?  I thought the whole point of planet and star alignment was for us to have something other than ourselves to blame for everything that goes wrong in our lives.  No worries, I can stay calm and hold on to my temper and freak out about it tomorrow.

We’ve had two days of spring snowfall.  When I left work on Thursday night I had to brush piles of snow off my car with my arms because the snow brush has gone missing.  I opened the door to turn on the windshield wipers and they dumped a bunch of snow into the door pockets and all over the lock and window controls, and then there was all that snow all over me that ended up in the front seat.  Then I practically got stuck in our driveway!  I stopped to pick up the paper recycle bag that was half burried in a snow drift (more snow for the cars interior, this time in the back seat).  The tires were spinning on the ice so I had to back up and straighten out and get up some speed, but not too much because we can’t afford a new garage door right now.

I hope this is the last dump of snow that sticks around for any length of time. It’s not so hard to take if it melts as fast as it falls.  The sun is shining like mad today so that looks promising.

We’re in the process of having our furnace replaced with a new and improved efficient one that will save us money on our heating bills, and pay for itself by the time we’re in our nineties.  We opted out of getting central air, because in this gawd forsaken part of the country it never gets that hot.  But we are getting a Humidity System and an Air Cleaning System.   Secret weapons against allergens.  I hope they help.  Next up I suppose will be new windows, which W has been going on about for several years.  Once we do all these improvements I am NEVER LEAVING.  As in selling this place.  I want to be here in my nineties all smug about the furnace having paid for itself at last.  I should write that down somewhere, because who knows what I won’t remember by that point in my life.

It’s spring break here and I’ve got not only one grandaughter but one jack russel terrier and one hamster named Henry staying with me for a few days.  We stayed up too late and slept in too long, so it’s been a good start to my little holiday.  More excitement to come I’m sure.  Maybe even pictures.  Of such fascinating things as breakfast at noon and trips to Walmart and the movie theatre.  It’s the best kind of vacation there is.