My Tax Return is Filed!

Electronically!  Via Turbo Tax!  What a stupid name.  Nothing irritates me more or puts me in worse humor than having to complete my income taxes every spring.  Usually I put it off until the end of April (because why should the government get my money before I’m good and ready to part with it) and spend about 60 days (prior to actually sitting down and figuring it out)  dithering and stewing and brooding about it.

Today I got it done.  And yes, I think I do deserve huge rewards and medals and commendations.  Or at the very least some words of praise.  Which I will no doubt have to think up for myself because no one else really cares, except maybe the revenue people, and they only pay attention if you DON’T get it done. This year I’m finished with it a month early because I’m going away and I didn’t want all that anguish to accompany me on my holiday.  So now I have over thirty fret-free pre-tax deadline days.  Wow.  I could get a real head start on next year.  And I could work out some kind of system for all the receipts and deductions and paperwork, but I always have plans to get right on that and then never really do.  I put a label on a file folder and then wonder a year later why there’s nothing in it.

Tomorrow I’m leaving with my daughter and grandaughter to go visit the cousins and celebrate a couple of spring birthdays and maybe we’ll toss in some Easter festivities as well.  Just for the weekend, and then back home and then off to Ontario for two weeks to see my brother and sisters and other miscellaneous relatives.  The furnace should be all installed early next week, and the renovations at work in our department should be finished by the time I return.  And the grass should be green and the leaves should be out and the lawn people should be hard at work on our yard.  And W will be off to the island for the summer having officially retired.  Again.

I will be hauling my lap top with me everywhere I go, as well as my phone and my camera, so no one I meet will be safe from turning up in this blog.  I hope to gawd they’re more interesting than taxes.

I LOVE reading your comments. Sometimes I even reply to them.

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