Birthday Weekend Begins

It’s been a long day, but I’m managing to squeeze in a post before the 30th of March is gone forever for another year!  Drove through the city during morning rush hour to my daughters, packed up the car, stopped for coffee (we do have our priorities) and headed north.  It’s a surprisingly shorter trip when she drives.  Not to mention very relaxed for me.  We’ve had a lovely meal and some excellent wine and and are all pumped for the birthday celebration tomorrow.

This is how thrilled one of my grandsons was to see me.  He looked up for long enough to make his head look blurry in the picture and then he had to get back to his game.  He also has his priorities all sorted out.

We are a family obsessed with electronic gadgets!  All of us have been sitting in the living room playing “Draw Something” on our phones and I-Pads.  Parlour games have morphed into something very far removed from checkers and monopoly.  The penny is being phased out and so is cursive writing.  (One of these days my lists on paper will be something for the museums and the archives.)  I should try harder not to misplace so many of them.

Every time I see these kids I’m amazed at how they’re growing up. Time is flying by.  Impossible to slow things down so I guess  I’ll just try to get a good grip on things and hold on for the ride.