Where You Want to Live

Today we drove to Owen Sound – Where You Want to Live.  It’s either that or “the scenic place” that’s their city slogan.  I’d research it further if I thought anyone cared even slightly.  We went there to meet sister number three for lunch. But also to shop, which we got out of our systems first.  It’s a great way to work up an appetite.

I hate trying things on, but it’s a necessary evil I guess, and slightly less painful when there’s someone with me willing to offer a second opinion.  I got a few things I needed and several  things I didn’t.  The line between necessary requiremment  and intense craving tends to blur when I’m in a store full of nice things.

I got to see my baby sister’s new house and all the improvements they’ve made and all the works in progress.  They’re in a nice area on a quiet street but still close to work and lots of shops and restaurants.  After the house tour it was a short drive over to Kelseys.

I’m usually very careful not to order anything spicy when I go out to eat, but today I was more brain dead than normal and asked for a Sonoma Valley Salad which consists of california greens, red peppers, tomatoes, croutons, feta cheese, raisins, seeds, nuts, spicy honey citrus dressing, and Thai popcorn shrimp.  Did you notice the word SPICY in that delightful little description?  I don’t know how I missed it.  But despite the fact that my lips went numb it was actually very good.

We had a lovely visit.  We keep in touch by e-mail, but nothing beats face to face to get all caught up.  Then we drove over to her significant other’s place of employment to say hello to him as well before heading home.  You can tell when someone is over the hill when they insist on driving home before it gets dark.

And also the fact that they’re exhausted after doing more than one thing on any given day – that’s another giant clue.