Books On The Go

Even though I didn’t need another pedicure I had one done today to keep my sister company and to help keep her daughter in business.  She does a great job.  My toenails are now a slightly different shade of purple.  I’m feeling rather pampered and spoiled.

Rather than a boring account of all the things we did this afternoon, I have a boring account of all the books I am in the process of reading.

I’m kind of at a loss for words.  I’m 30% in (as per kindle) and keep thinking it can’t get any more weird and then it does.

All historical fiction is not created equally – but this one looks like a keeper.  Twentieth century war-time Russia,  love, loss, survival, family.

This one I have to read simply because it’s co-authored by a married couple.  It’s a mystery.  Not just the book itself but how it ever got finished and published without one author choking the other.

After a long hard day of soaking my feet and other strenuous activities I do the eeny meeny miny moe thing and read something, which may or may not include any of the above.  I find reading several books at once keeps me mentally on my toes.  The ones that are painted purple, in case you missed that.