Honey I’m Home!

I love my sister and her husband.  They put up with me for two whole weeks without hardly complaining at all.  Well not in front of me, anyway.  Got all packed up this morning and we drove back down to London and met my brother for lunch at Swiss Chalet.  We were first ones in when it opened at 11:30 a.m.  By about noon the place was packed.  On a random Tuesday morning.  What the hell is that all about? Mid week chicken craving sweeps London.

I really do hate goodbyes.  This is my brother’s last treatment week in the city and then he has different treatments scheduled in the hospital in Owen Sound, so he’ll be able drive to and from home for those without the added expense of staying overnight.  Once this is finished we’ll all be anxious to know the results.  Right now it’s an on-going battle and he’s fighting the good fight.  It’s wonderful to see him so positive.

Then it was off to the airport and another goodbye.  Last hugs are the longest.

In Winnipeg it took us over twenty minutes to get off the plane because the tunnel they were trying to connect to the plane from the terminal got a tire caught in a rut and they couldn’t get it out.  Almost had to go to another gate, but they managed finally to get it moving again.  So it was another speedy trip to make the next connection with very little waiting around.  As much as I’m happy to be home, the descent was pretty depressing.  Like heading into one gargantuan flat mud hole.  I didn’t know there were that many shades of brown.  The only green I saw was some warehouse roof and a couple of pine trees.  (And there is still some snow on our front lawn.)

But W was here to pick me up!  The weather has been too cold on the island to make it practical to go there yet.  He’d probably freeze the water pipes or something disastrous like that.  So I guess I’m stuck with him for a bit longer.  Nice to get to listen to some of the satelite radio stations before he whisks it away for the summer.

I’ve brought back lots of treasures – a few pictures, some old letters, miscelaneous books and other random bits of memorabilia which I’ll start to sort through tomorrow.  As much as the holiday was great fun, it’s nice to be home.