Holy Thursday

This blog entry is reverently dedicated to my angelic friend Laura (who so humbly requested it) and is in no way meant to be blasphemous or disrespectful of any creed, cult, doctrine or religion.  She’s Catholic and thinks my Holy Thursdays are funny, so I’m confident that God probably won’t strike me dead for my veneration of them.

Yes, today is yet another Holy Thursday in my life.  All my Thursdays are now hallowed days. There have been so many of them, I wish I’d kept a running count.  But their blessedness kind of crept up on me.

In the beginning was the work schedule.  No matter what has been done to our week of seven days, for most normal people five of those days are work days and two are not.  For me, three are not. And one of my three non-working days has always seemed to end up being Thursday to accommodate everyone else’s work week.  Didn’t seem to matter how it was set up or if we all kept the same days or if there was a rotation – Thursdays were always and forever mine.  I never asked for them. Really, I never did.  I could almost swear to that.

See, here’s the thing with me.  Someone will say something to me, like “I know you love the smell of Mr. Clean” or “I know you would like to work every weekend” and I’ll be so stunned by the statement that I don’t immediately refute or endorse it.  Because I’m wondering how in the world that conclusion was reached and if I actually made that exact statement myself at some point or other, and simply don’t remember.  Because there are things that come out of my mouth that are based very loosely on fact, may or may not be true, and often are meant sarcastically but taken seriously.  It’s a gift I seem to have no control over.  So although the smell of Mr Clean makes me nauseous and working evey weekend for now is fine but for the rest of my life sounds like some kind of hell on earth, since I didn’t immediately deny or contradict these statements they are now the gospel truth.  I think that’s how some doctrines are born.  Although I could be wrong.

Anyway, for the last couple of schedule changes it has been pointed out to me that it’s been painstakingly arranged so that I can be assured of having Thursdays off forevermore.  It is written in stone.  Thou shalt have Thursdays off.  Many schedule variations have been scrapped to accommodate me.  I wish I knew why, but I don’t.  Suffice it to say I have been persuaded to believe that Thursday is my Sabbath and I must keep it holy.

It’s a day off from work!  By definition that makes it blissfully devine.  Heavenly.  Downright paradisiacal.  I’m getting all spiritual and rapturous just thinking about it.  If they take it away from me now, somebody for sure is going to hell.