Moonlight On…..

….Linoleum.   Bet that’s not the first word that popped into your head for completing that little phrase.

Bet it will be one you remember if you read this book.  It’s very simply written and rather hard to put down.  Terry Helwig’s memoir of growing up too soon, responsible for five younger sisters, forever on the move, attending twelve different schools in eleven years, with a “complex and unforgettable” mother.

It’s one of those books I picked up because of the offbeat title, and I’m now so very glad that it caught my eye.

Quoting from the excellent foreword by Sue Monk Kidd (author of The Secret Live of Bees and close friend of Terry Helwig for many years) –

Remember that mysterious transaction in the human spirit that I marvelled at where Terry was concerned?  The one that allows one person to transcend life’s hardships, becoming stronger, wiser, larger in spirit, while another person succumbs to life’s injuries, growing hardened, contracted, or stuck?  Well, there are no explanations for that, there are only stories.  The world needs Moonlight on Linoleum because it is just such a story.  It is what redemption looks like. 

It’s also one of those stories I think my daughter would like.  She claims to enjoy reading about messed up lives because they make her feel so much better about her own.  I’m thinking both of us might come out looking pretty darn good in the motherhood department in comparrison to this tale of dubious parenting.  But it’s also a story of sisterhood, family, lasting bonds, and keeping your dreams alive.   

“Even if others abandon you, you must never abandon yourself.”  Read it!  I predict you’ll be glad you did.