Movies! and More Movies!

Man, I have become some kind of movie watching machine in the last little while.  Trying to get my money’s worth out of Netflix I guess. Or trying to prove that as long as it involves sitting down I’ll watch just about anything.


If I had to pick just one out of all of these to recommend, it wouldn’t be this one:

Age of Darkness in French, but Days of Darkness in English, with English subtitles that someone complained were very poorly done.  And the story was just plain weird.

I love Lost in Austen, but never watched it from start to finish before.  I’m sure it’s been on tv.

And NOW, I’ve decided I need some Will Ferrell, best of, volumes one and two, from SNL.  Then I will blame the fact that I have nothing to write about on all this zombie-like movie watching.

Which is actually what I’m doing right now, if you think about it.