Compositions Circa 1928 (Part Two)

"Horse & Buggy"

“Horse & Buggy” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The School Fair

Many preparations were being made for the school fair which was to be held at Port Elgin on the 20th of September, 1928.  The morning dawned at last but to the great disappointment of all it was raining.  But it did not rain all morning.  After getting our vegetables, sewing and baking ready we had no way of getting it to the hall by 11 o’clock.  But we got a chance of sending it in with a neighbour.  Then the suits were to be pressed and packed and this did not take long.  Then we were all ready to go.

So we piled into the buggy and away we went as happy as larks.  Then we got to the Park.  And discovered it was to be at the rink.  When we got to the rink, it was to be at the Park.  When we returned to the park we were very busy dressing in our sailor costumes.  We had blue collars with two borders of white around them and an anchor in the corners.  The girls had white middies and skirts while the boys had white middies and trousers.  Some of the boys had to dress as girls while some of the girls had to dress as boys.  This was done in order to make the lines even.

Then we started to march.  After marching, we lined up to be judged.  Then we sang our song.  It was a sailor one.  Then the judge called out the results.  We got 1st prize for the parade.  After this was Physical Culture which we did not take part in.  Jean Nelson did very well and got 4th prize.  I also gave a speech.  After this was the judging of horses, cattle, sheep, and other farm animals.  One boy from our school took first for colt.

M.E. Scott, 1928

(I love the fact that over half of this story involves preparation and anticipation.  The fair itself, and the speech, and the winning of prizes are all jammed into the final paragraph and a a bit of an antic climax after the thrill of getting ready for this special day.  Did she run out of time, or space, or energy? Perhaps it was all three.)