V is for Vanishing Point

Tunnel of Trees This long straight avenue has ...

Tunnel of Trees This long straight avenue has its vanishing point at the far side of this square. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The vanishing point

Is like tomorrow.

It’s always somewhere else


Fading (Photo credit: petalouda62)

And never here.

It’s not the point at which you vanish,

No matter how hard you might wish

 To run away.

You can’t make yourself dissolve

And cease to be.

You can gaze into the vanishing point.

You can walk towards it,

But you will never reach it.

Advancing on that point

Makes that point advance.

Give up this futile quest

And put it in perspective.

You imagine that others are able

To exit the picture,

Fade away

And disappear

Off the edge of the earth.

It looks like they can do it.

But they can’t.

They’ve only travelled on

To a different place.

The vanishing point is an illusion.